7 Amazing Benefits Of The Wolfberry (AKA: Goji Berry)


Hoooowoooooo! 7 Incredible Benefits Of The Wolfberry (AKA Goji Berry)


Improves Your VisionWolfberry has antioxidant properties. The antioxidants protect your eyes from free radicals that can cause cataracts and other eye-related disorders.



Increases Semen & Sperm Quality – Need a boost in your libido? Traditional Chinese medicine has long used the wolf berry as an aphrodisiac. It helps reduce the damage caused to the testes….:)


Protects The Skin – The goji berry or wolfberry extracts can protect our skin from damaged caused by UV radiation. It is the antioxidant potential in goji berries that has been attributed to this action.


Helps Control Cholesterol – High cholesterol has been linked to heart disease, cancer & diabetes. Those are the big 3 illnesses plaguing western society. In recent studies the wolfberry or goji berry has been shown to reduce high cholesterol levels.


Cardiovascular Protection – Pesky free radicals can attack our heart just like any other organ. Studies completed recently have shown that eating goji berry extract can significantly reduce free radical scavenging in the heart.


Protects Brain Cells From Damage – Free radicals in our bodies are unstable chemicals that attack our bodies from the inside. They can also attack neurons or brain cells. The goji berry has been shown to increase neuroprotective activity in our brain. Thus helping to prevent neurodegenerative diseases.


Improves Sleep Quality – The goji berry has been shown to reduce stress and improve sleep. It not only improved sleep but studies have shown that people wake up more refreshed when consuming goji berries vs a controlled group.


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