Need A Weight Loss Plateau Breaker – Here’s Two!

Need A Weight Loss Plateau Breaker – Here’s 2!

For many of us dieting and exercise is a constant uphill battle.  We will find ourselves working out hard trying to eat right and yet we still can’t achieve the results we desire.  We’ve hit a plateau and for some reason our bodies are not responding anymore.  So what can you do to break through those plateaus?

Here are 2 methods you can use to break through your weight loss plateau and lose the final pounds you’ve been trying to shed.

Weight Loss Plateau Breaker ~ Option One ~ Diversify Your Workouts

Sometimes it really is as simple as switching out your current workout routine.  Our bodies are exceptional at adapting to the stresses we put on them.  This can be good for most things in our life but not necessarily when we workout.  If we choose to do the same workout routines over a long period of time our bodies adapt to them and the workout becomes easier and easier.  It’s important to diversify your workouts so that your body constantly has to adapt to new stresses.  You’ll end up getting stronger and burning more calories over time.  Creating variety in your workouts is a great way bust through a plateau!

Weight Loss Plateau Breaker ~ Option Two ~ Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is another great way to bust through weight loss plateaus.  Intermittent fasting allows your body an extended period of time to repair damage from toxins in our food and environment.  In essence you are giving your body a break from its normal daily activity.  During this time your body goes to work on cleaning and repairing.  It’s like get an oil change so that you can operate as your best self.  Intermittent fasting results in increased energy and significant weight loss.  It also has been shown to reduce visceral fat which is the dangerous fat that surrounds your organs.  Check out this story from Eric K who was able to break through his plateau using an intermittent fasting system.

Here’s his story……

“Hey folks, I just wanted to share my story with you. I’ve been on this [intermittent fasting system] for about 6 months now and as you can see I’ve seen an amazing transformation in the way I look and feel! When my brother introduced me to [this solution] I was a little skeptical to say the least. I’ve been an athlete my whole life but at 46 years old started seeing and feeling the effects of my age. I was going to the gym most days and doing the same workout that I always did that kept my body lean and firm. Unfortunately just that same routine wasn’t cutting it any more. I looked around at the nutrition stores to see if there were some kind of supplement that I could take to help with the loss of energy and muscle tone and weight gain that I was experiencing. Nothing really ever worked until 6 months ago when my brother introduced me to this [intermittent fasting system].  It didn’t take me long to figure out that my nutrition was seriously lacking and that was the key! Yeah… I still do the same workouts but now I have soooo much more energy and inspiration and nutrients to get it done for real! My paradigm has changed 180 degrees from where it was before this [intermittent fasting system]. Now I understand that to build a strong house you have to start with a great foundation!”

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