Helen Costa-Giles

3 years ago I was lost!!
😞I had no energy
😞I had to strength
😞I had no patience
😞I was sick with chronic health diseases
😞I had no self confidence
😞I didn’t like the reflection in the mirror
😞I had no life desires or goals.
😞I was cranky
😞I was full of excuses.

When my DR finally told me that medication might be the answer I GOT scared. I have 2 little boys and I didn’t want them to see mommy sick JUST because she thought a drive thru was “quick food”. I didn’t want them to see me in the couch watching them play.


When I found Isagenix I was skeptical.
I just knew that it was all natural and it would save me from flipping omelettes in the am when I could barely get my own teeth brushed along with my boys.

Well HERE I am THREE YEARS LATER, and NOT one day without ISAGENIX in my body.

Now I am
💚Healthiest I have ever been
💚Strongest I have ever been
💚Fastest I have ever been
💚I have more energy then my 2 little boys
💚I am the happiest I have ever been
💚I have the most amazing community of people who want more in life
💚I help 100s of people transform their lives.
💚I have more confidence and love the image in the mirror

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Chris Parry

One thing this system has taught me is to listen to my body. There is only a 10-15 pound difference between the after photos you see here. The before photo was at 336 pounds, the lower after photos was at 236 pounds, and the photo to the far right is at 222 pounds. So as you can see, the body can change dramatically in fairly small increments of weight.

Please don’t let the scale rule you!! The number is not what tells your story about your transformation.

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Rachelle Phillips

I made it!!! #16weekchallenge complete and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed! When My husband suggested we try this body transformation challenge, I was certainly not interested, and definitely not excited about it! But looking back it has been absolutely awesome, and I’ve tried them all, NONE OF THEM were enjoyable!

After having two kids (2 & 4yrs in sept) I had given up on ever getting my pre-baby body back, I know I’m not the only woman (or man 😂😂) who has felt like that, but in that space it certainly felt like I was backed into a corner and I had no way of getting out, so I relied on my one true friend who would always be there for me, #wine! I’m from a tight family who always celebrates over food, food made me feel better and so food and wine were what I indulged in to make me happy. As my weight increased though, #happy is the LAST thing I felt! At the start of this challenge, 16 weeks ago, I am embarrassed and upset to realize I had gotten to a whopping 191 lbs! The lowest point would have to be standing in front of my husband while he took my “before photos”.

Well, I’ve gone from an unhappy and embarrassed sceptic, to a #isabody finisher! I am proud to say that within this epic team, I have found some of the most enthusiastic supporters and cheerleaders that I am now stoked to call friends! You have all helped me to achieve something I NEVER thought was possible again. I had some ups and downs, and some 🍷🍷🍷 along the way, this was a lifestyle change after all, not a diet!! 😉

My kids don’t understand but you guys are all part of the reason that their mom has so much more energy for them!

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Kawain Harrison

Let’s get two things straight first and foremost:

1. This isn’t photo shopped.
2. And we can all agree that there’s nothing fit about the pic on the left. This is what results when you partake in cop car eating from fast food joints everyday, along with free food for police officers placed in our roll call room. Proof is definitely in the pudding and everything else I was eating.

How can I lead and be at my best for my community and for myself feeling and looking like a mess? Police/Firefighters have one of the worst professions when it comes to health because of the long hours, stress, sleep deprivation, and really poor eating habits at work. It all ends up being a catalyst for a heartattack.

First Responders:
Law Enforcement Officers

Healthcare Workers:

Don’t you think it’s time to practice what we preach?

When you commit to our 30 day nutrition system and just follow it (and I have even enjoyed a few burgers, slices of cakes, ice cream and spirits here and there) you will get results. Many may scoff and criticize but be sure to ask yourself, where has that gotten you and your health by doing so? What excuses do you consistently tell yourself as to why your health comes 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th, etc)? Why are we, as a society, so hung up on questioning something that has scientific backing and testimonial after testimonial, yet we don’t hesitate to roll through a drive through or stuff our faces with colorful, chemical laced drinks?

Our system may not be for you but how would you know if you don’t give it a try, risk free at that, or your money back..I don’t think I’ll be asking for my money back anytime soon.

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