10 Tips To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

10 Tips To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

I love the holidays!  The last few years have been especially great with my kids at the ages of 11, 9 & 7.  My youngest, Zoe, still believes…..luckily the older 2 have been great in keeping the secret alive!

As much as I love feasting over the holidays its always a tough wake up call when you let it go too far and you start putting on a serious holiday bulge!

Never fear I’ve put together 10 tips you can do this holiday season to prevent gaining extra weight.

1) Do An Intermittent Fast On Mondays – Intermittent fasting is probably the fastest way to reset yourself after a holiday weekend where you overindulged.  Give your body a break and let it repair itself on Mondays.  You’ll feel less guilty about enjoying yourself when it counts, it’ll help you keep the weight off and you’ll feel great in the process.  If you need some help fasting here is a 9 day system that will walk you through it.

2) Pack 2 Workout Outfits When You Are Traveling – If you are traveling this holiday don’t forget to mix in some exercise.  If you pack it you will do it!!  Even if you just get a few workouts in over your holiday travels it’ll be worth it!

3) Take Advantage Of Convenient Apps That Don’t Require A Gym – There are some amazing fitness apps that allow you to workout on your own time without the need of a gym or class.  They are fun workouts with different time frames to match your schedule.  My favorite app is the Nike Training Club.Click Here To Download

4) Do This Band Workout – It’s easy to pack a band.  A little resistance can go a long way.  There are 1000s of these band workouts on YouTube.  This one is tough! CLICK HERE FOR BAND WORKOUT

5) Do This Disc Workout – All you need is paperplates to bust out this killer core workout.  These are great workouts if you are on the road and pressed for time!

6) Always Have A Green Smoothie Shake For Breakfast – It’s easy to feast for lunches and dinners over the holidays.  But you don’t have to feast for breakfast.  Get yourself started right with a green smoothie and/or high quality protein shake.  Here is my favorite green smoothie recipe.

7) Don’t Give In To Hangover Eating – Drinking alcohol can decrease your blood sugar levels and you’re body will start to crave carbs to compensate.  Recognize this and don’t give in.  Drink lots of water and nourish yourself with healthy foods so you don’t double down by overeating after a night of fun.

8) Don’t Buy This Popcorn – Seriously don’t but this popcorn.  The scientists that created it mastered the perfect balance of salty and sweet so that you can’t stopprevent holiday weight gain eating it.  I’m serious…I don’t even remember putting it in my cart at Costco and then sure enough there were two bags of it when I unloaded the groceries when I got home!  It’s so good but you have to resist!

9) Recover Monday To Wednesday – Most social stuff happens Thursday through Sunday.  So use Monday through Wednesday as recovery and fitness days.  Get your body feeling good as you head into a long fun weekend!

10) Exercise With Your Family – Take advantage of the extra downtime and move around as a family. Get away from the devices and go hiking, geocaching or anything active.  Today with with youth sports commitments, social commitments and work it is harder than ever to just hang out as a family.  Use the holidays as a time to be active with your crew!  The busy times will be back very soon!

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