Hey Parents, Bonked Lately? 3 Reasons You Need A Great Post Workout Meal

post workout meal

Avoid The Bonk! 3 Reasons You Need A Great Post Workout Meal!

Have you ever forgotten to eat after a workout and then bonked?  Bonking is a way to describe what happens when your body runs low on glycogen as a source of fuel.  Your body prefers glycogen over fat as it is a more efficient source of fuel your body can burn.

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Are struggling to figure out what to eat after a workout and avoid the bonk? The short answer is to take in some fast digesting carbs along with a high quality protein after a tough workout.  The carbs will save your body’s own energy source and the protein encourages muscle growth and repair.  Your overall diet plays a huge roll in your success but your post workout meal does play a huge roll.

Don’t miss the Anabolic Window!

You have about 45 Minutes to an Hour to eat this high quality meal.

3 Big Reasons To Have A Great Post Workout Meal With A High Quality Protein

  1. Stabilizes Your Blood Sugar – Post-workout your body has lower levels of blood sugar.  Eating a high quality source of protein after a workout is effective because it gets digested and metabolized more slowly, helping to stabilize your blood sugar so you don’t hungry or bonk.
  2. Reduces Inflammation – Cortisol is a muscle-wasting stress hormone that causes inflammation.  If you eat protein insulin is released to help shuttle protein into your muscles.  By increasing insulin levels you will effectively reduce your levels of cortisol.
  3. Rebuilds Muscle – A great workout breaks down and tears your muscle fibers.  We do that so they can grow back bigger and stronger.  Protein is the main player in repairing those micro tears in your muscles.  Post workout your body is craving protein so it can get to work.


Here is the recipe I recommended in the video……. 

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If you are serious about getting fit and building lean muscle mass having a high quality source of protein is an absolute must!


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