5 Organic Maca Root Benefits (And Potential Side Effects)

organix maca root benefits

5 Organic Maca Root Benefits (And Potential Side Effects)

Are you looking to boost your sports performance or gain energy?  Organic maca root might be the answer.  Check out these 5 amazing benefits this Peruvian root also known as Peruvian ginseng.  I’ve beenn using Ionix Supreme which is a great supplement that is easy, convenient & affordable to take in some maca root each day.  maca root benefits

  1. Maca Improves Your Mood ~ Recent studies have shown that maca root can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Especially in women through menopause.  It contains plant compounds known as flavonoids which are partly responsible for this benefit.organic maca root benefits
  2. Boosts Sports Performance ~ Although there is no scientific evidence….numerous studies have shown that maca root has helped improve sports performance especially in long distance athletes.
  3. Increase Fertility in Men ~ 5 recent small studies found that maca improved semen quality {Link To Study} in both fertile and infertile men.  Organic maca root can increase sperm production and sperm quality.
  4. Improves Memory ~ Maca may improve brain function.  The Peruvians used the root to help boost children’s performance in schools.  The black variety of maca has been proven to be the most effective.
  5. Libido Booster ~ Recent studies {Link To Study} have shown that maca improves sexual desire after ingesting it for 6 weeks.  This root packs a punch and increase the sex drive in both men & women.


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Potential Side Effects of Organic Maca Root

Maca Root is generally considered safe however some Peruvian natives believe it could have some potential side effects.  Follow these guidelines if you are considering taking maca root.

  1. It is recommended that you boil fresh root before consuming.
  2. If you have any type of thyroid issues you should avoid taking maca root.  This is because it contains goitrogens that may interfere with normal thyroid function.
  3. Finally, pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult with their doctors before taking maca root.


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