7 Mindful Eating Tips

Mindful Eating Tips

Here are 7 Mindful Eating Tips That Will Help You Eat Better, Lose Weight & Feel Great!


  • Make Healthy Foods Readily Available ~ It is super important to make healthy options readily available in your pantry & fridge.  Having the right go to snacks that you actually like makes a huge difference.  When you get a craving you are at your weakest so get some healthy snacks that taste great and stock up!mindful eating tips
  • Don’t Watch TV While You Eat ~ Don’t eat when you are in a zoned out zombie state.  The reality is your don’t even pay attention to how much food your are eating if your brain is wrapped up in the latest reality TV show or episode of “The Walking Dead”!  This is a great mindful eating tip!  Don’t veg out…instead eat more veggies!! 
  • Only Eat When You Are Hungry ~ This seems so simple but it’s actually more complicated.  Most people just eat because it is the socially accepted thing to do at that time.  Even if you are fully nourished we are programmed to eat 3 meals a day and lots of snacks in between.  Be aware of that natural programming and eat when you are actually hungry.  Be mindful of what you are eating and choose healthy options.
  • Control Your Portions ~ Control your portion size.  Keep in mind that you don’t feel full until about 5-10 minutes after you’ve eaten your meal.  That means you could be completely full but with out the sesation of feeling full you keep eating and then eat way more than you needed too.  If you control those portion sizes you will eat less.
  • Have A Snack Plan ~ Snacks are awesome!  I’m a snack guy and I love them.  But one thing I’ve discovered is that the quality of snack will either help you feel great or will make you feel like crap!  I try to eat carrot and cucumber wedges.  Try some nuts or trail mix.  The readily available chips and candy is terrible for you.mindful eating tips
  • Find Healthy Foods That Taste Good ~ There are so many recipe books out there that have amazing recipes that are super healthy for you.  You can now prepare meals that taste amazing that have great nutrient content.  “Eat To Live” written by Joel Fuhrman is a great book that has some amazing recipes in it.
  • Write Down What You Eat ~ Take a few seconds and journal what you are eating.  This is a great mindful eating tip that keeps you aware of what you are putting into your body.  Remember your body is your temple so lets feed it some high quality food and nutrient dense food!

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