5 Amazing Intermittent Fasting Benefits

Intermittent Fasting Benefits

5 Amazing Intermittent Fasting Benefits

I remember the first time I did an intermittent fast about 18 months ago.  I looked at my wife Laura and was like….

intermittent fasting benefits

“Are we really not going to eat today?”


In fact, we jumped in with both feet and we both didn’t eat for 48 hours on our first intermittent fast.  I was kind of freaking out because I literally couldn’t remember a day in my almost 40 years of being on this planet when I didn’t eat.  Can’t lie those first 2 days were tough!  I was hungry, hangry, grumpy and all of the above!

Since then doing an intermittent fast day or as we like to call them “Cleanse Days” has become much easier.  It’s like a muscle the more you do it the easier it gets.  I’m now at a point where I actually enjoy doing a cleanse day.  The reality is when you finish the day and wake up the next morning you feel empowered, refreshed, detoxed and energized.

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Here are a few of the amazing Intermittent Fasting Benefits:

  • Human Growth Hormone Levels Rise: The blood levels of growth hormone may go up as much as 5 times there normal level.  Increased levels of this hormone facilitate fat burning and muscle gain, and have lots of other benefits.
  • Helps Burn Visceral Fat:  While Intermittent fasting you eat fewer calories, and you’ll also boost your metabolism slightly. It is a very effective tool to lose weight and visceral fat.  Visceral fat is the nasty fat surrounding your organs.
  • Repairs Your cells:  While fasting, the cells in the body initiate a cellular “waste removal” process called autophagy.  Autophagy is an intracellular degradation system that delivers cytoplasmic constituents to the lysosome.  You lost me at cytoplasmic MIke!  All it really means is  “Waste Removal”.  Got it!
  • Good For Brain Health:  Intermittent fasting improves various metabolic features known to be important for brain health.  Reduced oxidative stress, reduced inflammation and a reduction in blood sugar levels and insulin resistance are a few of those benefits.
  • Increase Your Lifespan:  So not eating is the fountain of youth?  Crazy I know!  One of the most exciting applications of intermittent fasting may be its ability to extend lifespan.  In recent studies of rats, the effects were quite dramatic. In one of them, rats that fasted every other day lived 83% longer than rats who weren’t fasted.

Are you ready to do a cleanse day and take advantage of these epic intermittent fasting benefits?  Let’s do this!

But before you dive in there are a few important things to take into consideration before trying an intermittent fast.

  1. Don’t over do it ~ Some research suggests that fasting more than 4 days in a calendar month can have an adverse effect on losing weight.  Quick weight loss is one of the reasons I do cleanse days so I only fast 2-4 times within a 30 day period.
  2. Support Your Body ~ I use CLEANSE FOR LIFE to support my body through the intermittent fast.  It is loaded with botanicals that help you feel nourished and curb cravings.  You can use lemon water too but I definitely prefer CLEANSE FOR LIFE to get me through the day.
  3. Have A Support Group ~ Cleansing on your own is tough.  I will normally choose a day when I know my wife is doing it too.  If that doesn’t work out I’ve a got a few close friends that I’ll connect with and plan a day to fast together.  There are also lots of support groups on Facebook that you can join that will help encourage you through the day.  Message Me on Facebook By Clicking Here and I’ll connect you to our intermittent fasting support group.


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