The #1 Green Smoothie Recipe For Busy Parents

green smoothie recipes

The #1 Green Smoothie Recipe For The Busy Parent

If you are looking for the absolute best green smoothie recipe to get your day started right look no further than this blog post.  This recipe is super simple, tastes fantastic and will load your body with the vitamins and minerals to help you feel great all day long!

This recipe does require a Vitamix to prepare.  I would not recommend using a bullet or standard blender because the consistency won’t be right.  The Vitamix rocks and blends a great smoothie in seconds.

green smoothie recipes

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The greatest thing about this recipe is that it’s super simple and only has 3 ingredients…

#1) A whole banana

#2) 4 Oz of Baby Spinach

#3) Dairy-Free IsaLean Shake

That’s all!  It’s as easy as 1-2-3-BLEND!

The entire shake only contains 325 calories.

  • Banana’s are a powerhouse of nutrients, they are loaded with fiber and are a great food to promote a healthy heart.  They are also loaded with potassium that vital nutrient we all need.
  • There’s a reason Popeye’s muscles were so big….Spinach!  Spinach also promotes healthy skin & hair, increases bone health, reduces blood pressure and so much more.
  • The Dairy-Free IsaLean Shake is a meal in itself and gives your body all of the nutrients it requires.  Check out this article to learn more about the nutrient density of the Dairy-Free IsaLean Shake.

Link to Dairy Free Isalean Shake Article.


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