Mom Uses Energy Foods To Be There For Her Daughter

Eating The Right Energy Foods Makes All The Difference!

I had a great time connecting with Kim Gomez the other day.  She is a Rock Star Mom that found our solution and was able to boost her energy and really be there for her daughter.

Here is her story…..

“Before [using this system] I was in sitting on the bench at the playground watching my daughter play, usually with a sugary drink in hand. I thought I was giving my daughter a good Mom. I wanted to be out there running with her, but I would tell my self “I can’t.” I was exhausted, stressed, moody, too sore and overweight to run and keep up with Izzy.
Now I am off the bench, healthy drink in hand and running as fast as my little girl! Swinging on the monkey bars, sliding down the slide and enjoying every minute with my girl!
I am not over tired, I am not moody, sore or exhausted! I am happy, energetic, and excited about life!
This is the kind of mom I want my daughter to remember!”


I got a chance to chat with her last week and asked her a few questions about her journey and how these energy foods helped her along the way.

What kept you going along your journey?
-I have to say my daughter kept me going on this journey. Also the isa Facebook groups, all of the support the whole Isagenix family is amazing and uplifting!


What products had the biggest impact on your goals?
– “I was a big soda drinker before isagenix and hydrate, greens and e shots helped me crush that bad habit. I was a snacker before all unhealthy snacks, I could believe how much the shakes and even bars filled me up and made me want healthier snacks.”


What was the biggest thing that helped you maintain your fitness results?
– “The biggest thing that helped maintain my fitness results is the amped performance line. I was struggling with fitness since I was starting from the bottom with no fitness experience but the Amped Power and Amped Recover really helped. There was so much help and support from isa fb groups. I have never belonged to such a supportive group of like minded people!”


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