Stressed Out? Here Are 5 Ways Eleuthero Root Can Help You

eleuthero root

Stressed Out? Here Are 5 Ways Eleuthero Root Can Help You

Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes?

Are you looking for a way to reduce anxiety and stress?

Eleuthero Root has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, but has only been known in the western world in the past 100 years.  Check out these top 5 benefits of the Eleuthero Root.


Stress Relief ~ Eleuthero Root is an adaptogen which are rare herbs that help your body adapt to stressful situations.  It has been shown to help you when eleuthero rootyou feel anxious or upset.  It teaches your body to handle bio-chemical situations in the most effective way.


Reduces Fatigue ~ Another huge benefit is the eleuthero roots ability to boost energy levels.  It has a positive impact on the nervous system, boosting metabolism, increasing circulation, reducing fatigue and helping you feel less foggy.  Eleuthero root can really help you during those mid-morning slumps or if you need an afternoon pick me up.


Cognitive Effects ~ Do you want to me smarter?  Eleuthero root can give you a temporary boost of intelligence.  If you are already a bright person you’ll be like Albert Einstein for awhile.  It increases blood flow to the brain which helps your memory, cognitive function and overall just helping you be bit sharper.

eleuthero root

Neurological Disorders ~ Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia have increased in the western world.  All of us have been effected by these diseases with close family or friends who might have one of these diseases.  It is a tragic and sad situation.  Eleuthero root helps to eliminate free radicals that build up in the brain and cause plaque to form. If you can keep your neural pathways clear you will have better brain health.  


Respiratory Health ~ If you suffer from colds and other respiratory afflictions, using eluthero root as a tea may be a great solution.  It contains certain anti-inflammatory properties that help to eliminate those conditions.  Eleuthero root also helps to clear out mucus and phlegm where pathogens and bacteria make camp and thrive.


I use the following supplement to get take my Eleuthero root daily.  It comes and easy to consume shot and doesn’t contain any synthetic sugars or caffeine.  e shot

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