Diet vs Exercise & What Is More Important

diet vs exercise

Diet vs Exercise? What Is More Important?

For so many years I felt like I could eat whatever I wanted if I worked out hard. It was always the battle between diet vs exercise.  This all changed for me when I hit my 30s.  My energy started to drop and I seemed to always carry about 10-15 extra pounds. I held off gaining extra weight for awhile but then when I hit 35 my metabolism slowed down big time and it didn’t matter how hard I worked out I still was gaining weight. My energy was in the gutter and I honestly started to feel really unhealthy. It wasn’t until I started looking at my nutrition that I started to get my health back.

I still workout like I used to but now I have way more energy and can do longer workouts and push myself to go further. My energy levels are higher now than they were when I was in my early 20s. Its crazy how it truly is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

I got to connect with Andrew Tyron last week. He and I have used the same system. His results are outstanding. I love how he summed up his experience of the balance between diet vs exercise. Here is his story in his own words.

“Two and a half years ago I had become resigned to the idea that I was getting older and my body wasn’t going to get in better shape. I didn’t like the way I looked but thought that was part of getting older and genetics. I was introduced to an incredible nutritional system and my life has forever changed. Understand, I go to the gym 3 times a week and use the system as designed. I don’t spend 7-8 hours in the gym every week but I am consistent. I first lost 14 lbs and then gained back 18 lbs while dropping from 15% body fat down to 6% body fat. Yes, I clearly look better but the real transformation is in my energy, endurance, self confidence and mental clarity. If you go to the gym but eat whatever you want, you’ll see minimal results. If you want to take your health and fitness to the best it can possibly be, then you have to put the best nutrition out there, in your body! The question for today is: are you ready to feel and look your best or do you want to keep waiting until next Monday?” ~Andrew Tyron

I feel great knowing that I’m feeding my body nutrient dense food so that I can look and feel my absolute best. As a father of 3 and husband to a super star wife. I want to be there and match there energy step for step.

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I hope you got value from this article! If you have friends that could benefit from this post please share it with them.

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