Do You Have Craving Control Issues?

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Do You Have Craving Control Issues?

Do you start salivating when you smell your neighbors BBQ?

Do you pull over when you drive past your favorite pastry shop?

Do you overindulge on pizza when you are trying to be fit and healthy because you simply can’t resist it?

I too am a fellow sufferer of out of control cravings.  I never really had an answer to this so I would just work out hard the next day to make up for my overindulgence.  That worked for many years for me but when I hit my 30s everything started to change.

I started putting on extra weight and I couldn’t keep it off no matter how hard I worked out.  As an added issue my energy levels started to plummet.  The food would taste so good going down but about 15 minutes after eating it I’d start to feel gross.  I’d also have a mental battle with myself because I felt guilty about cheating on whatever workout plan I was currently doing.  In the end I just felt like a schmuck inside and out!

So what do we do…….

Well I found something that has worked for me and I wanted to share what I’ve learned…..

  1. Eatat nutrient dense food.  There are many varieties of nutrient dense foods including fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and high quality meal replacement shakes.  I particularly love the shake below.  In the end, nutrient dense foods are great for craving control because they fill your body with the vitamins and minerals so you feel nourished.control cravings
  2. Join a group to check you on your fitness goals & help you control cravings.  Having accountability is really important when you are striving for your fitness and nutrition goals.  We run cleanse groups all the time which are a great way to stay accountable in a group of fun like minded people.
  3. Start protein pacing.  Eating a high-protein diet reduces appetite. Protein shakes, eggs & meat trigger a protein that makes us eat less. Eating a high-protein diet by pacing it into your snacks and meals through out the day can boost the release of a hunger-suppressing hormone.

I posted the video above on Facebook the other day as I had a quick meeting at Dunkin Donuts.  Uh oh!! Craving Control Time!!   I love dunkin donuts but I was in the middle of a group challenge and I was able to avoid the temptation and left without eating a single circular pastry.  On our group challenges we eat extremely healthy and I really think that had something to do with it too!

I hope you got value from this article! If you have friends that suffer from craving control issues that could benefit from this post please share it with them.

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I hope you got value from this article! If you have friends that could benefit from this post please share it with them.

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