Learn How This Couples Weight Loss Success Turned Into A Lifestyle

How this couples weight loss journey resulted in amazing results!

I had the pleasure of connecting with Phil & Janelle Enlund and learned about this amazing couples weight loss journey!  They are an amazing couple that was seeking a way to lose weight, gain energy and live a healthier lifestyle.  There transformation speaks for itself. I asked them a few questions on how they were able to get these crazy results and what has enabled them to maintain this new and healthier lifestyle….

What’s kept you going?
“I guess once you see results and every day/week the numbers are getting smaller on the scale and inches are dropping as well as clothes that once were tight and uncomfortable are now hanging off you and the system is so easy and convenient to follow why would you stop?”

What product had the biggest impact?
“Cleanse for Life is the product that has had the biggest impact. It’s the key to the whole system. We cleanse every week and janelle has always done a double.”

How were you able to maintain your weight loss?
“To maintain our weight loss we support each other. Doing it together has allowed us to work as a team and encourage each other. We allow the time for each other to get to the gym, or Pilates (that’s Janelles thing) because we know that’s what now makes us happy. We also allow ourselves “cheat and indulgence” days or moments, but we know that we will always be back on 100% tomorrow.”

Couples Weight Loss Tips

  • Do it together!  There is strength in numbers especially if you are living in the same house together.  Keeping each other accountable is huge!
  • Try to incorporate an intermittent fast day once a week.  Even if you do a partial or 3/4 day fast its worth it!  The science about behind intermittent fasting is incredible.  So many health benefits!  Here’s an article you can check out. http://easacademy.org/trainer-resources/article/intermittent-fasting
  • Bond with your significant other!  Doing a program together with your loved one is a great way to connect!  Spending more quality time working out or cooking healthy meals together is a great way to enhance your relationship.

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