Tara McGinty Finds The Best Way To Lose Weight

best way to lose weight

Have you been searching for the best way to lose weight?

A method that isn’t all about counting points or calories!

A solution that works and creates lifelong results!

I had the chance to connect with Tara McGinty last week and ask her incredible transformation.  She is an incredible person!  She recently earned a certificate for the 100 pound club in our company.  Which is an absolutely amazing achievement!

Here is her take on joining the 100 pound club….

“Its official now that I have a certificate to prove it!  Seriously though this little piece of paper means so much to me. It reminds me of all that I went through to get to this point. All the hard times and all the lessons I had to learn along the way. I truly believe that all of it, my struggle with childhood obesity, my anxiety, my depression, my rheumatoid arthritis, the “dieting” failures one after another were all leading me here. Leading me to this company that is like family & this mission to serve others. It has lead me to the point that I can use my past and my pain to prevail and help others. I can love them, lift them up and help guide them to a better healthier life. I am not just talking about weight loss but overall a healthier life filled with joy, love, gratitude, and a balance in themselves. So many great things are to come! It all started with a decision to try.”  Tara McGinty

best way to lose weight

During our conversations I asked her why she feels our systems are the best way to lose weight……


ME: What kept you going along your journey?

TARA: There are a lot of things. Mostly just before I started [using our systems] I was miserable. My body ached all the time and I was exhausted. After suffering for so long when I put these products in my body it changed everything. I felt better than I ever had before and that was just the first week. There was no way i was ever going back. Going to events and really emerging into [our companies] culture has helped give me so much motivation. Plus, being able to help others in the way I have been helped makes me want to keep pushing on to show others it is possible.

ME:  What products have the biggest impact on your weight-loss goals?

TARA:  I would say following the 30 day weight loss plan and cleansing was vital. Keeping my shake days on point and cleansing regularly is a must. I believe IsaBody has had a huge impact though that is not a product.

ME: What was the biggest thing that helped you maintain your weight loss long term?

TARA: I am still in transformation mode. I am constantly learning new things about nutrition and I am still on a mission to transform my body more. I have recently been learning about macros. Incorporating my Isagenix products into a macro dieting life has been a huge game changer. I feel with the knowledge I have now and my Isagenix nutrition and support maintaining will be easy.


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