Trisha Lynn Whysong Finds The Best Way To Lose Weight

best way to lose weight
Trisha Lynn Whysong Finds The Best Way To Lose Weight
I’ve connected with so many amazing people that have experienced incredible transformations with our nutritional solutions.  She feels they are the best way to lose weight and live a healthy and happy lifestyle.   I recently chatted with Trisha Lynn Whysong and she shared her amazing story.  She is such an incredible person!  Her story is so real and inspirational.

best way to lose weight

Here is her journey in her own words…..

“I’m a few months shy of my one year Isa Anniversary. I hate remembering last year, but it’s a must in order for me to never go back. Only a few of my closest friends and family knew the personal turmoil I was in, losing a child that we cared for and loved from close to birth for two years that we were promised that we could adopt, only to have 8 hours to say good bye to him when the courts changed their minds and let him go back with his bio family, then just a short month later having my other two girls ripped from our home due to some political BS and having a court battle that lasted 6 months before they were returned home. In that 7 months I fell completely off the wagon. Gaining almost 60 pounds, trying to stop the pain with anything that came from a drive thru because I didn’t want anyone around me, I didn’t want to be in the world or even to be a part of it.

My depression was the lowest it had ever been and I just wanted to disappear. In September of 2016 I won the court battle and got the girls home, even though there was more to do. I was happy they were home, but I couldn’t stop the self abuse. I kept eating, I kept ignoring my body’s signals to PLEASE STOP and just popped another IB 800, one almost every hour just so I could stand or walk. In early October 2016 my sister and I took the kids to the zoo. 5 hours of slow painful walking, my feet cracked and bleeding because of all the weight on them, a rash under my belly apron that was on fire because of the heat and sweat and me with a fake smile on my face, my normal “let’s get this over with, I’m dying here” smile. Still dead on the inside still not remembering what freedom from depression or not being over weight felt like anymore, still popping that pill so I could keep walking to get to the car, thinking “how far did we park, just a few more steps” and feeling so grateful to finally sit down and start driving to the restaurant for dinner. I thought it was over. We arrived at the restaurant, the kids started to unload from the car and here I was behind the wheel unable to move my legs, unable to stand or put weight on them.

The shock, the embarrassment of my children watching as my younger, smaller sister had to help me from the car. Tears welled up in my eyes, but I dared not to cry in front of my children, I am the mom, I am the strong one, and here I am needing help. After that horrible adventure was over it was days before I could really move again. I was home on the couch way past midnight surfing on Face Book and I found a post that really connected and spoke to my heart.

I messaged this stranger and asked for more information, Lana and I immediately hit it off, she, like myself was a foster mom with biological and adopted children, and a single mom at that, her weight caused her medical issues and she was a side line mom because of it, after we talked I thought there was no way I could afford this, I hadn’t had a pay check in 6 months and just living off the little support we had from my ex husband. Later that week I saw a YouTube video that changed my mind, The Jill Birth Story. I didn’t care what it took I was going to jump in, plus having the 30 day money back guarantee was an added bonus. I got signed up and my box arrived shortly after.

Afraid to tell anyone in fear of failing I kept what I was doing to myself. By day three I woke up from the best sleep I had since before children, my body didn’t ache, I was actually able to get off the couch and even sit on the potty without pulling myself up. I was pain free and man did that feel so good. The next few days I noticed more energy and was shocked that my cracked and bloody feet were healing…

The days, weeks and months just got better and better. 6 weeks in I finally told my sister’s what this product was doing. How the weight was disappearing, how much energy I had, how I felt alive, truly happy and that my fire was back, and well now that they are all on this journey with me, they now know first hand! I’m 9 months in and still going strong. I have dedicated the last few months now helping others, and I believe that this is my true calling.

I have made such amazing friendships, found such inspiration and support from others in our group and this company has been a true blessing, not only because of the quality of products that actually work, the amazing integrity it has to do what’s right for the people who use their products, but for also rewarding those who share their journey with others, and getting my products paid for…I am truly honored and blessed to be a part of this family”   Trisha Lynn Whysong


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