Hey Moms & Dads, How Are You Getting Your Energy Boost?

Isagenix E+Shot vs 5 hour Energy

Isagenix e+Shot vs 5-Hour Energy We are all looking for that little boost of energy to get us through the day. So what’s the story with energy shots and what makes one better than another. In this post I explore the differences between 2 common energy shots….. From the outside both of the bottles look…

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5 Fun Workouts You Can Do With Your Kids When You Are Pressed For Time

crossfit kids, 500 calorie workouts you can do with your kids - crossfit kids

We are all pressed for time and for those of us blessed with kids time to workout can be scarce.  So what are some fun workouts that you can do with your kids that will burn some serious calories! I used the following 3 criteria in researching this post:     #1) The workout must be…

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