Are You Looking For Healthy Air Fryer Recipes?

air fryer recipes

Are you looking for great air fryer recipes?

Recipes that taste great and are actually good for you! Well here is one of my all time favorites! Seasoned Sweet Potato Fries! This recipe is extremely easy and can be prepared in less than 45 minutes.

Here is a link to the air fryer in the video……


Sweet Potato French Fries

One of the best Air Fryer Recipes Ever!  Air Fryer Fries are easily squeezed into lunch, dinner or snack time.


  1. Set Air Fryer to 370° F.
  2. Slice potato into long slices, like steak fries.
  3. Soak Sweet Potato in water for 20 Minutes
  4. Pat potato dry with paper towels.
  5. In a bowl, mix together potato slices, olive oil and seasoning.
  6. Transfer to air fryer basket and cook for 20-25 minutes (mixing halfway through) or until crisp, depending on thickness.

Boom that’s it!  Enjoy!


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