Do you want to LOOK and FEEL your BEST?

Are you looking for MORE ENERGY and BETTER HEALTH so that you can THRIVE?

Do you want to get the most out of life and be the BEST VERSION OF  YOU?


That was me back in the Winter of 2016 while I was trying to run a business, be a good husband to my wife and a present father for my 3 kids…..unfortunately I was falling short in all 3!!!

On the outside everything looked great.  Beautiful wife, 3 amazing kids and a solid business that paid the bills.  But in reality I suffered from a severe lack of energy and motivation.  I’d become complacent in my business and I was just going through the motions.  I wasn’t the best husband to my wife and didn’t give her the attention she deserved.  I wasn’t truly present for my kids….sure I’d spend time with them but I was too tired to engage with them or give them the energy they deserved.

On the inside I was craving more but I just didn’t know how to get there……..

2 things happened that changed the direction of my life….

1.I heard a quote from Tony Robbins on a YouTube clip that struck a cord in me….”If you don’t grow you DIE!”  It hit me hard and my mind shifted.  I was determined at that point to grow in all aspects of my life.  I just wasn’t sure how.........

2.During the Summer of 2016 a friend introduced me to something that changed my life.......ENTER ---->“Cellular Nutritional Cleansing”.  At the time I'm not really sure why I went through the 11 day system but I knew I wanted change and he approached me at the perfect time.  My body went through a drastic transformation.  I lost 14 pounds which for me was a considerable amount of weight.  More importantly my energy skyrocketed!  I started sleeping like a rock and I felt more alert and focused than I had in years!

Since this transformation I’ve been compelled to share my story and help others that might be struggling.  Mental and physical health are closely tied together and I found that once I fixed myself physically great things started to happen…

  • I found time to show my wife how much I truly appreciate her.

  • I was present for my kids and spent more quality time with them.

  • I set new targets for my business and started new ventures to reach bigger financial goals.

After this experience I jumped in with both feet to learn what effects our overall health:

  • The foods we eat
  • The air we breathe
  • The way we exercise
  • The way our thoughts effect our life

Through this process I’ve gained knowledge of better ways to live a healthy lifestyle.  I began to share this experience with people I love and care about so that they too can experience the benefits that I've been enjoying.  The results have been mind-blowing!!

It is incredibly fulfilling to have a small part in helping others experience better health.  This process has reinforced my passion for learning more about better health and sharing that knowledge with others.


My mission is to free people from physical and financial stress.

  • Do you lack energy?
  • Are you trying to lose weight?
  • Are you struggling with your job due to lack of focus and motivation?
  • Are you an athlete trying to reach the next level?

My dream is to help as many people as I can free themselves from physical and financial pain.   We live in a toxic environment that makes it very difficult to live a health life.  My goal is to give you the tools to combat that environment and to HELP YOU THRIVE!  I want to help you be the happiest, healthiest and absolute BEST VERSION OF YOU.

My goal is to teach people simple and effective ways to live a lifestyle that helps you…..

  • Have More Energy
  • Lose Pounds And MAINTAIN Your Goal Weight
  • Live Life Motivated, Sleep Better & Stay Focused
  • Reach New Fitness Levels

This Blog is about sharing what I learn a long my journey.  I look forward to connecting with you on our path to a healthier and happier life!

God has blessed me with an amazing life!

I’m 39 years old and I have a beautiful wife, Laura, and 3 amazing kids Jordan, Ella & Zoe.

It took me a few years of working my businesses hard but I have something that most people don’t have…..TIME FREEDOM.

I still work hard but I love what I do!

My wife, the kids and I love traveling!  We try to go to Maui, Hawaii every year.   Some of our other favorite destinations are Newport, Rhode Island & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

My favorite fitness activities are Playing Basketball, Ping-Pong and Ultimate Frisbee!  I’ve always found working out is easier when it’s fun!

I love Geocaching with my kids and our goal is to get to 100 caches found before 2018!

I’ve got a dog named Chewie.  He’s an Italian Greyhound which are known as the “Velcro Dog”.  He’s filled with love and is most happy when he’s on someones lap. 🙂

It’s Great to meet you my New Friend. Let me know how I can help you be the BEST VERSION OF YOU!

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