5 Fun Workouts You Can Do With Your Kids When You Are Pressed For Time

crossfit kids, 500 calorie workouts you can do with your kids - crossfit kids

We are all pressed for time and for those of us blessed with kids time to workout can be scarce.  So what are some fun workouts that you can do with your kids that will burn some serious calories!

I used the following 3 criteria in researching this post:
    #1) The workout must be FUN!
    #2) The activity must burn at least 500 calories in under 1 HOUR!
    #3) It must be something your kids will also think is FUN!

YOU JOG –> KIDS BIKErun with your kids

I’d pick a flat area that is safe for runners and bikers for this workout.  A quiet neighborhood or a well designed bike trail would work perfect.  If your child prefers to scooter or skateboard it’ll work the same.  You can catch up with them and have a running partner that will challenge you at the same time.  The kids won’t get burned out as they’ll be doing something they love!  Talking while jogging also helps you develop more endurance.  The amount of calories you burn will depend on your weight.  Here’s a simple chart that will give you a good estimate on how long you’ll need to go:

        Weight      Duration
        150 lbs        1 Hour
        175 lbs        54 Minutes
        200 lbs        48 Minutes
        225 lbs        43 Minutes
        250 lbs        38 Minutes    
        300 lbs        37 Minutes

Want to get a little more out of this workout……add a little weight!  If you wear a Weighted Vest that is 10% of your body weight you will burn 8% more calories doing the same activity.

As an example:
    ~A 200 Pound Person
    ~Wearing a 20 pound weighted vest
    ~Will burn 540 Calories in 48 Minutes

CROSSFIT WITH YOUR KIDScrossfit kids, 500 calorie workouts you can do with your kids - crossfit kids
Most CrossFit gyms offer a Crossfit Kids class.  I’ve personally done this and it was an absolute blast.  The kids participate in a fun and challenging class that teaches them the basics of CrossFit.  My kids absolutely loved it!  You get to participate in the WOD (Workout of the Day).  If you’ve never done CrossFit before don’t be intimidated.  Most gyms have some really great people that will help you get started and teach you the basics.  The great part is new CrossFit gyms are popping up all over the place so you if you don’t get a good vibe from one gym just try another.  The WOD portion of the CrossFit class only lasts about 20-30 Minutes but the entire class is about an hour.  Most CrossFit classes will have you work on dynamic stretching, movements and cardio in the downtime before the WOD.  There is no exact method of calculating the exact calories for a CrossFit class but it’s a tough workout and will likely be right around that 500 calorie mark or more!

SWIM THE BREAST STROKESwim Breast Stroke, Burn 500 calories

The breast stroke is one of the more relaxing of the 4 Swim Strokes.  It can be executed rather easily in a lap pool or back yard pool.  If you keep your eyes above the water line you can still keep a close eye on your kids while you swim.  The breast stroke movement is an easy skill to learn even for a total beginner and also won’t break down your shoulder joints like the butterfly or freestyle.  The greatest part about the breast stroke is that it still burns a considerable amount of calories!


Heres a quick chart comparison of the 4 Swim Strokes and how many calories they burn based on moderate effort:  

Breast Stroke ~ Easy Relaxing Stroke that can be performed in shorter pools.
        190 Pound Person    ~     863 Calories per hour
        155 Pound Person    ~     704 Calories per hour
        130 Pound Person    ~     590 Calories per hour

Back Stroke ~ East Stroke but you can’t see where you are going and doesn’t burn a lot of calories.
        190 Pound Person    ~    678 Calories per hour
        155 Pound Person    ~    563 Calories per hour
        130 Pound Person    ~    464Calories per hour

Butterfly Stroke ~ Vigorous Stroke that is difficult to perform and tough on the joints.
        190 Pound Person    ~    950 Calories per hour
        155 Pound Person    ~    774 Calories per hour
        130 Pound Person    ~    650 Calories per hour

Freestyle ~ The most used stroke but requires at least a 25 Meter Pool to get a good workout.  
        190 Pound Person    ~    863 Calories per hour
        155 Pound Person    ~    704 Calories per hour
        130 Pound Person    ~    590 Calories per hour

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geocaching, workout with your kidsGEOCACHING

Geocaching is a great way to get out into nature and treasure hunt!  Kids absolutely love Geocaching!  This activity does require The Geocaching App and has an annual membership fee but it’s definitely worth the price.  Most Geocaches require hiking on trails.  You can strategically pick caches that are in areas you are interested in exploring.  Most Caches pass through look outs or points of interested that you would’ve never thought were there.  In essence Geocaching is similar to hiking with a treasure (small trinkets or log book :)) at the end.  There are a few protocols when geocaching.  Always bring a prize or trinket to leave at the cache when you find it.  Don’t let any Muggles see you with the Cache and be sure to put the cache back exactly as you found it.   Make sure you log all your caches in the APP.  My kids and I have a personal goal to find 100 caches before 2018!
    Since you will be hiking to find these caches I’m basing the Calorie burn on the hiking.  The calorie burn will vary based on how much weight, carrying load, elevation, intensity and other factors.  Here’s a chart that will give you a rough estimate of the calorie burn:
                160 Pound Person  ~  440 Calories Per hour
                200 Pound Person  ~  550 Calories Per hour

2 Tips to Boost Your Calorie Burn
    1) Hike at high intensity!  If you hike at a high intensity you’ll burn an extra 190 calories later in the day.  Your metabolism increases with a vigorous hike and the extra calorie burn will last an average of 14.2 hours after you’re done.  Your kids will keep up because they will be so excited to find the caches!!  
    2) Carry a pack!  You will likely be carrying your kids water and snacks.  That extra weight in your backpack will help you burn more calories!


cross training with kids 500 caloriesTry a circuit challenge with your kids!  This will require a little planning.  I’d recommend finding a location that has stairs, benches or hills.  If you’re lucky there might be a playground nearby that the kids can enjoy after the circuit challenge.  You can incorporate a series of activities and challenge your kids to keep up.  Or you can try to keep up with them!  Here’s a sample routine you could do:

        Exercise                                 Estimated Calories Burned        

       Climb 10 flights of stairs                  30 Calories
       25 Push Ups                                      10 Calories
       50 Sit-ups                                          10 Calories        
       20 Dips On the Bench                      10 Calories
       20 Body Squats                                 20 Calories
       20 Burpees                                        20 Calories
                      REST 2 MINUTES & REPEAT    
**The estimates above are estimated on a 150 pound person.  If you weigh more you’ll burn at a faster rate if you weigh less you’ll have to go a little longer or do an extra circuit.  
This will be a vary challenging workout and you’ll be absolutely spent at the end! 

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