Looking For A Fun 45 Minute Workout?

45 Minute Workout

Looking For A Fun 45 Minute Workout?

I love doing group workouts because they are FUN and you are challenged to push yourself harder than you would on your own.  Some of my favorites are crossfit, ultimate frisbee or hot yoga.  Unfortunately sometimes time just wont allow me to get to my favorite class or pick up game.  So what kind of workout can you do at home with limited equipment that will be just as fun.


How about this one?  It was FUN and challenging.  I call it…..

45 minute workout


The Full Body Five K

This workout incorporates cardio and cross training.  It went by really fast and ended up being a 45 minute workout.  So let’s get after it and have some fun!  🙂


In the end you will do…..

  • 50 Push-ups
  • 50 Medicine Ball Squat To Press Throws

    45 minute workout

    Squat To Press Throws

  • 50 Heavy DB Rows
  • Run a 5K


You’ll need this equipment for this workout:

Heavy Medicine Ball

Moderate to Heavy Dumbbells

**Map out a 1,000 KM (.6 Mile) Loop or mark a 500 KM (.3 Mile) out and back


Here is how you do this 45 minute

45 minute workout

Heavy DB Rows


Run 1 1,000 meter loop

Do 10 Push-Ups

Do 10 Medicine Ball Squat To Press Throws

Do 10 Moderate to Heavy DB Rows


Do 5 Minute Easy Jog To Cool Down



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